Boards of Directors and management teams of numerous mission-driven media and non-profit organizations have struggled for decades with choices and questions such as:

  • How do our brands remain relevant a decade from now?
  • Where do we invest resources to pursue future growth?
  • How much do we devote?
  • How do we balance resource allocations to our traditional businesses?
  • How should we re-define success in this new world?
  • How do we attract the talent necessary to pursue these strategies either on the board or as members of management?

Relevant Strategy Media was created to help committed and engaged boards of directors and management teams develop answers that strike the right balance to these and other challenging questions.

We have often found that many deeply-committed and long-serving boards of directors and management teams benefit from a fresh set of eyes looking at the challenges the organization faces in a non-threatening yet thought-provoking way.

We firmly believe that helping the organization answer these questions and thoroughly communicating the resulting decisions and strategies to a wide variety of constituencies can allow important mission-driven organizations to meaningfully move their brands and missions forward with confidence.


We are a group of seasoned executives, board directors and educators with the experience necessary to assist organizations at the board and senior management ranks.


  • Determine current organizations’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identify strategic opportunities for growth with external data.

  • Map these clearly to develop a shared understanding of organizational issues and challenges.

  • Lead—through inclusive discussions—choices and decisions to develop a clear, coherent and relevant strategy to serve the organizations constituencies including employees, customers, communities and shareholders.


  • Audience: unit growth, revenue growth and segmentation analysis

  • Media research—primary and secondary

  • Revenue generation—traditional and non-traditional

  • Financial analysis, capital allocation and capital markets access

  • Acquisition analysis including valuation, due diligence and negotiation assistance

  • Governmental advocacy—local, state, federal

  • Human resources including talent acquisition

  • Strategic communications

  • Board governance


  • Expert testimony

  • Temporary C-Suite placements

  • Board recruitment and assessment services


We only work with mission-oriented organizations which include

How we work

SkyscraperRelevant Strategy Media is a confederation of advisors from a wide array of backgrounds who come together for the sole purpose of serving our client’s needs. RSM will develop—along with each client—a mutually-agreeable scope of work and the appropriate group of advisors. We will then create a clearly defined process map which will lead to a well-articulated strategy which can be communicated widely throughout the organization and externally.

Many of our affiliated advisors bring to bear significant national and sector expertise along with years of experience helping organizations address difficult challenges


Our leaders come from a wide array of experiences and backgrounds and each will be brought to bear based on the relevance of their experience to your specific set of strategic challenges.